Each 'bird's nest' in the image a single worm's trajectory through the shape space defined by three eigenworms (colour indicates position in the fourth dimension).

Pratheeban Nambyiah

I’m a paediatric anaesthetist. For many years, we believed that general anaesthetics were relatively benign, standard-of-care drugs, with short-term, predictable, and reversible effects centred mainly on consciousness. It is becoming apparent that this is not the case, in particular at the extremes of age. I’m interested in the idea of anaesthetics as drugs which can modulate neuronal plasticity in favourable or unfavourable ways.

My project in Andre’s lab is to characterise the behaviour of larval stages of C. elegans in a quantitative manner, and to study how and why this behaviour changes after exposure to general anaesthesia. C. elegans is a powerful model because it has a relatively simple and well-characterised nervous system that is accessible to manipulation. Yet it still exhibits many higher order, conserved behaviours, and can be studied using high-throughput, quantitative methods.


BM BCh (2001-2004) University of Oxford
BA (1998-2001) University of Cambridge

Postgraduate Qualifications & Experience

Honorary Consultant, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London.
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2012
Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists 2010