Each 'bird's nest' in the image a single worm's trajectory through the shape space defined by three eigenworms (colour indicates position in the fourth dimension).

André Brown

My education is in physics and I love the interplay between theory and experiment that characterises physicists' approach to science, but at the same time I'm fascinated by the intricacy that you can see at every scale in biology from molecules inside cells to animals interacting in a population. You could call it biophilia.

This is a great time to be doing quantitative biology: we can use sequencing and imaging technologies to produce large datasets that are ripe for quantitative analysis and groups in many fields are using them to address basic questions in physiology, evolution, and behaviour that were inaccessible even a few years ago.


Postdoc (2009 - 2013) MRC LMB, Cambridge
PhD (2004 - 2009) University of Pennsylvania
BSc (Hons) (1999 - 2004) Memorial University of Newfoundland